Heart Meditation – the perfect cure for autumn blues

We humans of the 21st century face various challenges. Our wellbeing and  psychological health such as stress, burnout, exhaustion, depression and irritability are sadly the reality of our time. This has led to increased use of antidepressants or drugs, ecpecially among young people. Research shows that antideppresants can be counterproductive and that many psychosomatic illnesses have their root in the lack of inner quietness.

You can actively work to establish an inner balance by starting to strengthen the central organ of vitality, the physical heart. Our heart is the key to the health of our body. The Gnostic tradition has some interesting expressions regarding heart meditation. They use simple words to explain this phenomena:

When our heart is in unrest, the mind will not be quiet”.

The root of inner unrest is the unsettled heart. A healthy heart will heal the body and the mind.


Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law. -Immanuel Kant

If we are born with the same rights, then we ought to share an equal value as human beings and treat one another the same.

We ought to have obligations on how we treat others, based on principles, morals and a pure heart. For with our rights as human beings, also follows a duty on how we conduct our manner.

It’s no virtue to gain the whole world. Just gain the heart of one person. – Saadi



The Pearl of Sufism

In the previous post you might have noticed that I used the book The Pearl of Sufism as a source written by Dr Azmayesh. The authors full name is Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh and he is the official representative of the Nematollah Gonabadi Sufi Order in the West.

In a penetrating way his writes about the ‘Path of the Substantial Evolution’. Dr. Azmayesh is not only a Sufi master, he is also a researcher. He graduated at the Sorbonne University in Paris on the subject of Islamic Gnosis. An ideal combination mystic and scientific researcher. A scientist of the soul and a scientist of the spirit.

Now, you might wonder what sufism is?

Sufism in no religion, neither a description of life to be memorized by the mind nor a system of laws that can be imposed on us. And it is not a sect and no ‘ism’.

Susfism is a path, an art, a way of life.

If you find this interesting then I recommend you to buy the book!




Trump- a sign of what is going on in society?


Republican nominee Donald Trump becoming president of the United States would present a global danger, the UN high commissioner for human rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein has said.

So how is it possible that a New York billionaire can pick up millions of votes across the US? A man known for his outrageous comments on women, religions, minorities etc. Some were astonished, some impressed that he would and could fund his own campaign, others dismissed him.

How come people still vote for him regardless of what he says? Even the most shocking comments is disregarded and even defended by his voters. Somehow he appeals to people who feel that he understands them, where they are coming from. He stands out from the ordinary political establishment which makes him more tangible and popular. Voters’ turn away from reason and populism is selling at best price at the moment. So the question is really have the intellectual failed or Trump won? And this is certainly not something that is standing out for the Americans, we have seen these types of leadership turning up all around Europe (increasingly growing nationalist parties) and there are many theories around this phenomenon (the shrinking middle class, globalization with unchanged low wages, unemployment etc.). What is also concerning is that these new forces in politics are changing the climate in the political debate. Mainstream politicians feel the urge to make arguments and statements that are more similar to their opponents in order to keep their voters and if possible win some of their opponents, a kind of protectionism.

The most concerning about these new waves of politics is not so much why they are happening, because time and again we have seen through history that it is quite possible for people to vote for the most scandalous and uncivilized leaders depending on various factors in society at that time. The issue which concerns us all is how it is possible that we find illogical argumentation logical and appealing. How can we be affected by media and entertainment to such a degree that someone like Trump is chosen as a presidential candidate in the USA in 2016.

Perhaps the hard thing is not to criticize someone like Trump, but rather someone with better impulse control and finer argumentation than Trump, with the same disregard for facts as Trump, that then might be elected for president when the time comes.


Image sources: New York Times, Dagens Nyheter.


Inherited rights..

Are  human rights something that we are entitled, given to us by a government, inscribed in a document or declaration or something that we are born with?

The natural rights are regarded as rights that nature endows every human, without any   distinction of time or space, and without any regard to age, gender, nationality, or race. These rights cannot be abolished or interfered with, by any government. And that, whether or not these rights are written in a national legal code, governments have a duty to uphold them.


The right to live

The world population at this evening is an estimate of 7. 5 billion people, all with a desire to live freely, equal to one another and to be able to pursue happiness.

In the United States of Declaration of Independence (1776), principally composed by Thomas Jefferson, these words are outlined.

Thomas Jefferson, was elected the second Vice President of the United States (1797–1801) and considered democracy to be the expression of society, and promoted national self-determination, cultural uniformity, public education and a free press as essential components of a democratic nation.

– We hold the truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these ar eLife, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.



How do we find our hidden capacities

So in the last post we talked about discovering our hidden capacities through love, and to come in contact with our substantial being by means of our heart. In other words a method which is not taught in the regular schools. It could be described as a path, an art of life that demands determination, trust, endurance and patience.

So in order to travel on this path you have to be well equipped and well trained. On top of this, the road may lead though dark and unknown territory which is why it’s important to have the help of a faithful guide.

It could be compared with learning a new language. First you have to find out a method which suits you the best and after you have to go in search of a school which this method is being taught. It’s important to remember that you need to be motivated and seriously determined to reach your goal. But also it depends on the methods that are applied, the capacities of the teacher and of course your own will.

When choosing a school, one has to be critical and verify everything thoroughly because if one starts badly prepared conflicts may easily  happen. Not only conflicts within yourself, but also conflict with others which create a negative atmosphere around you. Of course when you set off on the path you will be confronted. This is why you need to be sure about the choise and eliminate the problems you have within yourself before you start.

source: The Pearl of Sufism




After the storm

Hurricane Matthew hit the western peninsula of Haiti one week ago, killing almost 900 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless. Haiti one of the poorest countries in the world we hear over and over again through various news channels. Haiti still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2010, killing 200 000 people then, is facing disaster again.

Baracoa in Cuba was also hit by Matthew with winds up to 140mph (similar to Haiti) but unlike in Haiti, no deaths have been reported in Baracoa. Cuba has a system in place for disaster like these storms, residents are warned (just as in the US), schools are closed and used as shelters, state owned buses are dispatched to evacuate residents, making sure elderly and sick are not left behind. The infrastructure and government is not functioning similarly in Haiti, the media is chaotic, high crime rates lead to people not wanting to leave their homes unattended. The risk of famine and cholera spreading is now growing threats to Haiti, not to mention the growing frustration and distress among the residents. When the UN secretary general visited the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti on Saturday they were received by frustrated rock throwing residents, demonstrating the human desperation of severe hunger and malnutrition.


So what are the reasons behind Haiti’s poverty? There are many theories regarding this, however by going back to history many things become clearer. These are some factors at play;

  1. French colonial contribution.
  2. The international boycott of the new nation of 1804.
  3. The French debt of 1838.
  4. The United States Occupation, 1915-1934.
  5. Post World War II United States domination.
  6. Political instability, corruption, exploitation and violence.

Discover your hidden capacities through love….

We often define capacities as something that has been developed by our parents and has been taught in regular school. But have you ever thought about that you can develop your hidden capacities, or lets call it your super powers for fun?   In other words something complementary to regular education.

When you develop and grow by going on this path you discover different aspects of love. So to discover your hidden capacitites is the way of the heart, a method to come in contact with our substantial beeing.

You can compare it to planting a small seed in the earth. Much work will have to be done, without quick results but in the end a tree will grow which will yield fruit.