A start of something new


A start of something new is always a challenge, but with hope, positive energy and love anything can be achieved. .

This picture represents the instrument of which I have started learning to play. It is called kamancheh. It is an ancient Iranian bowed string instrument. The word Kamancheh means “little bow” in Persian. It sends positive vibrations and when playing it one sends love arrows like an archer of love.

It is a path, an art to learn how to play it, and it demands determination, trust, endurance and patience of the student. First you are attracted, gradually you wants to know more and in the end it is rooted in your life so deeply that you want to be a disciple. The word ‘disciple’ is derived from the word ‘discipline’, meaning that it is not without engagement one reach to his or her goal.

I look forward to this journey together, which will be filled with love since it is something that I strive for each day,  to be filled with love. And it is absolutely a word worth mentioning  over and over again considering the amount of negative forces there is on earth today.

With positive vibrations. Love.

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