Heart Meditation – the perfect cure for autumn blues

We humans of the 21st century face various challenges. Our wellbeing and  psychological health such as stress, burnout, exhaustion, depression and irritability are sadly the reality of our time. This has led to increased use of antidepressants or drugs, ecpecially among young people. Research shows that antideppresants can be counterproductive and that many psychosomatic illnesses have their root in the lack of inner quietness.

You can actively work to establish an inner balance by starting to strengthen the central organ of vitality, the physical heart. Our heart is the key to the health of our body. The Gnostic tradition has some interesting expressions regarding heart meditation. They use simple words to explain this phenomena:

When our heart is in unrest, the mind will not be quiet”.

The root of inner unrest is the unsettled heart. A healthy heart will heal the body and the mind.


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