Heart Meditation – owner of our heart

When we work with/on our heart and concentrate on our heartbeat we will change the hormone emission in our body.  We will start to control the functions of our body and we will be able to change the coordination of our brain. Our actions are dominated to a great extent by the reptilian brain, which is usually out of our direct control.

However, bit by bit we will gain more control  when we start to practise and implement active heart meditation in our daily life. We will with the help of the heart, learn to control our instinctive drives, control our body, our brain, our emotions and the reptile brain that produce different states of high and low moods.

Through practising heart meditation we will reach a state of constant connection with our heart, we will leave behind a life dictated by our emotions. A new world opens for us, a world of inner peace that has no room for any aggressive and uncontrolled emotions.



We become the owner of our heart.


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