Heart Meditation

The first step of heart meditation is to observe the beat of our heart. When we talk about the heart we refer to the heart organ, that is the physical muscle with its relentless activity – not the romantic heart or puppy love, nor the heart chakra, nor feelings that are associated with the heart and not sensual desires.

The heart is extremely important for all aspects of our existence. It generates the power of our vitality. We can extend the meditation into our daily life by stopping and taking one step back from our activities for a moment just to feel the beat of our heart.

Anything we dedicate ourself to will grow, we will soon discover that attention to our heart will foster positive effects. So if we dedicate our attention and time  to our heartbeat and less to our wandering thoughts and emotions, we will find that we will become less nervous, less vulnerable and more tolerant, loving, and peaceful.

We will grow stronger inside!


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