New years wish -life for the children of Aleppo

They cannot play, sleep or attend school. Injury or illness could be fatal. There is no food, nor water, no electricity and no hope. They live with their parents in windowless underground shelters — which offer no protection from the powerful bombs that have turned east Aleppo into a kill zone.

Among the roughly 250,000 people trapped in the insurgent redoubt of the divided northern Syrian city are 100,000 children, the most vulnerable victims of intensified bombings by Syrian forces and their Russian allies. Iranian militias are stalking the “liberated” streets and executing everybody they find, mainly women and children.

The Syrian regime has made it abundantly clear to all that it will take Aleppo at any cost.

At the cost of lives, dreams and freedom of human beings?

Our new years wish is a free and amiable life for the children of Aleppo, not only from this war, but also for their entire future to come.


Source: Unicef

Sources: The telegraph, by Hamish De Bretton – Gordon. December 14, 2016.
The New York times, by Rick Gladstone. September 27, 2016.

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