Three steps to happiness and something to have in mind for the new coming year

It takes time and effort to really practise heart meditation which means that the results are not easy to perceive. This method does not promise any unrealistic achievements and that a process of change will always be a gradual, which therefore requires a high level of patience.

Experience shows that people who apply active heart meditation can keep up their inner balance even under the worst circumstances. They never lose hope as they are in connection with a higher force.

Three steps to happiness according to the book Heart Meditation

  1. To listen and to perceive the secret rhythms

  2. To focus and visualize the heart organ

  3. To breathe towards the heart in a specific manner


These series of posts on the subject of Active Heart Meditation are derived from the booklet “Heart Meditation” – An Introduction to Gnostic Heart Meditation” By Dr Azmayesh. 


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