Iranian presidential election 2017


The current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Iran on 19 May 2017. It will be the twelfth presidential election in Iran.

The President of Iran is the country’s highest directly elected official, the chief of the executive branch  and the second most important position after the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. The armed forces, chief judiciary system, the state television as well as other key governmental organizations are under the control of Khamenei. The current long-time Supreme Leader,  has been ruling for nearly three decades, making key decisions on economy, environment, foreign policy, national planning such as population growth and much more. Khamenei also makes the final decisions on the amount of transparency in elections in Iran and has fired and reinstated Presidential cabinet appointments.

Any Iranian citizen born in Iran, believing in God and the official religion of Iran (Islam), who has always been loyal to the Constitution and is above 21 years of age may register as a presidential candidate. An institution called the Election Monitoring Agency (EMA) and managed by the Guardian Council vets register candidates (in the 2009 election 36,000 people signed up as candidates) and selects a handful to run in the election. The Guardian Council does not announce publicly the reason for rejections of particular candidates although those reasons are explained to each candidate. Females who register as candidates have been excluded from standing for election by the Council.

The outcome of this election will have a great influence on the world politics to come in the future.


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