The study of the self

All spiritual teachings such as gnosticism, buddhism and Sufism share an equal foundation, that is the development and evolution of our substance, the core of the human beings.


By the study of the self.


Through meditation, self-awareness, and mantras or rythms leading to vibrations, we as human beings are able to close our thinking processes and instead be more in the presence and in touch with our inner substance.

The study is not easy as so many distractions exist and results are not easily maintained, leading to the lack of discipline. However, there is a teaching or a path and it is this path that interconnects the prophets or masters of this school of the study of the self.

As the process occurs the disciple transforms from its egoistic drives, and the drives of the primitive brain, the paleocortex  towards intellectual drives, conducted by the neocortex. The disciple hence acts according to logic and reason. As the development continues the disciple acts according to the attributes of the core, substance or essence which is caracterized by love, compassion and chivalry.

God’s Articulate Finger Michelangelo



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